Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Dead Is Better"

The [resident of Ohio State University (OSU) thinks 11 wounded (and maybe some dead) are better than allowing students to be able to carry concealed so they can defend themselves. They call attention to the fact that the cops were on the scene very quickly at that recent stabbing attack, and were able to stop the attacker. But how often does that happen? Usually, it takes the cops several minutes to respond, and in those several minutes many people can be killed. It's interesting to note that the anti-gun fools are using this case, where no guns were used in the attack, to promote gun control. Such gun control that would do NOTHING to stop malefactors from doing their "dirty deeds" because those rules and laws only apply to people who OBEY such rules or laws. Somebody who sets out to KILL people doesn't care about laws, or they wouldn't come there to KILL. (America's First Freedom)

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