Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wrong Decision, As Usual

In Chicago, they have the highest gun crime rate in the country, in spite of also having the tightest gun laws in the nation. That doesn't seem to tell these ignorant political flacks running Chicago anything. They have been "reducing policing" for a long time, in hopes of stopping criticism of the cops, and simply don't understand that reducing policing is the CAUSE of much of their gun crime, with their tight gun laws being another. So now they're making it official, ANNOUNCING it, as a policy. So now, their gun crime rate will go even higher, and they STILL won't know why. As usual, liberals can't see what's as obvious as the noses on their faces, and more people will die because of it. They go after LEGAL guns, while gang members and other kinds of criminals ignore all their laws and get their guns in a back alley, somewhere. The big problem with anti-gun fools is they never learn from their mistakes. (Patriot Tribune)

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