Friday, December 23, 2016

Mislabeling Shootings

"Everytown Against Guns (or something like that) published a list of "school shootings" which included many shootings that were NOT "school shootings," but were NEAR schools. One, which "Bearing Arms" calls "disgusting," was a POLICE shooting in El Centro, TX, a suburb of Dallas, where a thug killed FIVE police officers, then FLED to a school, where he was found, and killed. At NO TIME did he threaten students, or faculty. But a school was PERIPHERALLY involved, so Everytown called it a "school shooting." Like they did in Ava, MO, where two FORMER students returned to their old school and had a shootout in the PARKING LOT, with one committing suicide. Apparently Everytown adds it to their list whenever a .shooting happens within mile or two of a school. They keep doing this, no matter how many times they're "found out," and insist their lists are "true and accurate." Which tells me a lot about them. Michael Bloomberg, former New York mayor, is at the bottom of this, while he rides around in an armored car, behind a phalanx of ARMED security, while he works HARD to deny us the same right.(Bearing Arms)

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