Friday, December 2, 2016

"More Guns, More Stolen Guns"

That's what The Trace is saying. That's like saying, "Laws against murder don't stop murder, so why pass them?" Yes, people who own guns should take more care in storing them to avoid them being stolen. But that's no excuse to BAN them from ownership, or for passing laws making them USELESS to defend yourself when faced with a criminal holding an ILLEGAL gun, who is not bothered by such rules. The anti-gun fools irrationally want ALL guns to disappear from the world. even those in the hands of cops or federal agents. It's a foolish hope. It can't be done. Just as you can't put toothpaste back in the tube, you can't ELIMINATE guns from the world. They number in the BILLIONS, and there is NO WAY they can find them all and make them disappear. So we need to allow law-abiding people to have their own guns, unencumbered by their silly restrictions, so they can defend THEMSELVES. They talk about allowing everybody to have guns increasing the likelihood of an incident, again IGNORING the fact that there are ALREADY millions of ILLEGAL guns out there. in any crowd, the chances of somebody in the crowd (with malevolent intent) being ILLEGALLY armed, is also high. So somebody LEGALLY armed in that crowd simply adds an element of PROTECTION from that ILLEGALLY owned gun. (The Trace)

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