Saturday, December 17, 2016

"Ban Guns Anyway!"

In Chicago, their "gun violence problem" arises out of GANG VIOLENCE and anti-gun laws don't work. So we must work harder to ban guns! That's what a Chicago politician says. One of the recent shootings happened just ONE BLOCK from police headquarters, soon after they confiscated 100 guns from other gang members. It KILLED an innocent woman, who was just getting coffee, and pnly wounded the likely target of the attack, a FORMER gang member. The shooter was a 15-year-old punk gang member out to "prove himself" to other gang members. The national murder rate is expected to rise 13%, with HALF of that coming from Chicago. Kayne West noted, in one of his "songs," that 314 soldiers in Iraq (a war zone) were killed in 2008, while 509 gang members died in Chicago. They fired the police chief last year because of all the gun violence (they needed a scapegoat), but the shootings continue unabated under the new chief. (Newsweak)

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