Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shooters All Democrats (or liberals)

Didja notice? ALL of the “mass shooters” in recent years and presidential would-be assasins (I don’t know about earlier) have been Democrats or liberals. Does this tell you something about how liberals think, even if only a few act on it? In 1863 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln; in 1881, a left-wing radical shot and killed James Garfield; in 1963 a left-wing radical killed John Kennedy, and he was, himself, a Democrat. In 1975 a Democrat shot at Gerald Ford, and missed; in 1983 a Registered Democrat tried to kill Ronald Reagan. And those are just the PRESIDENTS shot by Democrats. ALL the “mass shooters” in recent years proved to be Democrats. Not a Republican, a Tea Party member, NRA member, or any other kind of conservative was ever involved in such a shooting. And Democrats say WE are the “enemy?” Maybe we need to make a law denying the right to carry a gun specifically aimed at DEMOCRATS and other liberals. (Just common sense)

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