Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Self-Defense Without Guns

Most of us are still without guns these days because fool politicians think the best way for us to defend ourselves is to disarm ourselves. Or they think if we have guns we will “go nuts” and shoot up the neighborhood for no reason. They’re damned fools, but they ARE running things—for now. California seems to be against ANY method of defending yourself from illegally armed criminals. It even makes a FELONY the carrying of a fixed-blade knife, of ANY size, and similarly ANY item that “can be used to make a person uncomfortable or injure him.” But there are many such items available in any household or place of business. They can’t make all of them illegal. A large, heavy ashtray, for instance, can be thrown at his head. ANY large, heavy item can be similarly used. Even a book can be thrown to get his attention off you and let you get away, even if you miss his head.  ANY kind of knife, fixed-blade or not, can be used effectively. A jack handle or a heavy metal flashlight; or, in emergency, a plastic flashlight. The lead in the batteries makes it an effective bludgeon. I once put a holdup man in the hospital for three months in a coma (and he never did come all the way out of it) with one of those Radio Shack five-cell plastic flashlights they used to give away. I was driving a taxi at the time. ANYTHING within reach, of any weight at all (or even very little weight) is a good candidate. A coffee pot (especially a hot one), a canister of coffee or sugar, a radio, a fan, etc. You get the idea. Just look around you and think about it. A broom handle can be deadly. Fool politicians don’t want you to be able to defend yourself but they can’t ban ALL possible items of self-defense. (Just common sense)

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