Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gun Ban Stops Crime

Right? WRONG! They passed yet ANOTHER gun ban law in DC in 1975 and the gun crime rate went up 134%! You’d think they’d learn., but our INCOMPETENT POLITICIANS never learn. They just keep making laws that not only DON’T stop violent crime, they cause MORE of it. They can’t NOT know that these gun bans create more defenseless victims of gun crime, but they keep making them. What’s WRONG with them? Are they COMPLETELY incompetent? If so, we need to get RID of them. And that applies, right up to the president. It’s a forlorn hope for us to think our incompetent politicians will ever wake up and make the right kind of gun laws, not the kind they’ve always made. The worst thing is, it’s not only in gun control these politicians have shown their abysmal incompetence, it’s in EVERYTHING. Like in Waco, TX during Clinton’s administration where they unleashed military people (whatever they called them) AND MURDERED 100 PEOPLE. 14 of them CHILDREN! While trying to apprehend a religious fanatic they could have taken any time, in town. This kind of thing CAN’T continue. If we don’t get some capable people in there, we’re lost! (Wikipedia)

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