Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kids Doing What Kids Do

 And they get suspended. It just goes to prove that if you take all the toy guns away from kids, they’ll use their fingers—or something else like a stick You can’t take away their imaginations, no matter how much the stupid “school authorities” want to do so. I read the other day about a school that gave kids a long suspension for playing with toy guns—AT HOME! Every time I wonder just how much more stupid “school authorities” can be, they amaze me with their stupidity AGAIN. From suspending students for making guns out of “Tinker Toys” or their equivalent, to chewing their Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun, they’ll ALWAYS make SOMETHING to represent a gun—just like adult criminals will find a way to get REAL guns whatever the law happens to be if they want to commit a crime. Honest people won’t, so they’ll be “easy targets” for the illegally-armed criminals. (Opposing Views)

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