Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Knife As Self-Defense

Many people say a man with a knife who is not trained in its use is asking for trouble. Maybe so. Training is always better. But a knife can make all the difference in the world if your attacker doesn’t know you have it and he doesn’t have a knife or a gun while not being a trained knife-fighter himself. He relies on his bigness or “toughness” to overpower you, but a quick slice to his throat or other vulnerable places like his stomach or even his crotch can stop him. And knives are good for so many other things: like opening boxes, for instance. Cut food, do limited woodwork, etc. They can also be used to enlarge a hole when installing a lock or cutting food like an apple. There are basically two ways to hold a knife for self-defense. They don’t necessarily work in a knife fight with a skilled adversary, but will work with an unarmed attacker who doesn’t know you have it and is not trained himself: the “hammer” grip. Like you’d hold a hammer for stabbing into the stomach or neck or the reverse hammer grip, for slashing. Don’t try to give him “the death of a thousand cuts.” Just “rip him” if you’re being attacked. Anywhere you can cut him WILL hurt, and make him think twice about attacking you. Any heavy item is good for throwing or striking. Just remember, there are many good weapons always within reach. You just have to recognize them and use them properly. (Just common sense)

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