Tuesday, October 8, 2013

They Don't Know Who Their Friends Are

Schools apparently want to keep themselves defenseless when some crazy comes to shoot them up and kill their students. They HATE the NRA and have even been known to force a young girl wearing a NRA shirt to take it off and have suspended her for “promoting violence.” But is she? Not even! She’s “promoting self-defense.” That school is just another “gun-free zone” and an INVITATION to would-be shooters to come in and kill their students. They’re too dumb to realize that’s what they’re doing. Actually, they’re too dumb to know how dumb they ARE. Simply letting teachers and staff who are already legal “carriers” bring their guns to school would be a cheap way to defend themselves, but they’re not smart enough to figure that out. Potential shooters would not know WHO was armed and could not “take them out early” as they can with uniformed cops. But this kind of thing is lost on people who are AFRAID of the guns, themselves. (Eagle Rising)

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