Friday, October 11, 2013

Hudak Fights Back

Like most politicians, she doesn’t attack the substance of it. She tries to “shame” people into ignoring her bad decisions. And bad decisions are what caused the successful recall of two other members of Colorado’s legislature. She says it’s “wasting money.” It isn’t. What she and her fellow anti-gun fools do is “wasting money” by denying Colorado’s citizens of their constitutional right right to self-defense and to own and carry the means to that self-defense, a gun. Hudak said, “I'm disappointed that these extreme interest groups feel the need to waste our taxpayer dollars on another costly, manipulative recall process," she said. "This just isn't the way that our government should function." - Sen. Evie Hudak. These people are NOT "extreme interest groups." They are in the MAJORITY or they wouldn't have successfully recalled two previous legislators.  But is IS the way our government should work: getting rid of those who would deny us our constitutional rights as expeditiously as possible so they can do less damage. This recall effort, in view of the previous successes, must be very frightening to Hudak. Would that we could do the same to Obama before he ruins us. (Hold Them Accountable)

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