Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rocker Criticizes "Gun People"

“Pearl Jam’s” Eddie Vedder criticizes pro-gun people for ”hiding behind the Second Amendment.” So what should they do? Let Obama and his friends disarm hem and leave them defenseless against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals (some even wearing badges)? Should they let the government take away their right to self-defense? And that’s what it really amounts to. Does Vedder have armed guards protecting him? I’ll bet he does. All these people who can afford to HIRE guns to protect them think they are so far above us “common folk” they can criticize us for not wanting to allow government to take away our rights. This guy is a FOOL and is advertising it to the world. This fool should stick to making “music”—IF he’s even good at that. With the kind of “music” there is today, I seriously doubt it. Just like the kind of “gun laws” they make today do NOTHING to stop gun violence, but instead, INCREASE it by disarming innocent people. He’s too dumb to realize that, but dumb people are usually too dumb to know how dumb they are. (AmmoLand)

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