Thursday, October 3, 2013

Talk About Overdoing It!

In a Georgia school district (they don’t seem to want to name), they want to introduce (gasp!) “ASSAULT RIFLES” to protect the kids! I predict some of the “liberal heads” in our erstwhile news media will EXPLODE, on the air because they think the very EXISTENCE of a gun kills people. The locals think because of the long, open hallways, an “assault rifle” will do better than the handguns their “resource officers” are using. As usual, they pick the most expensive way possible. It won’t cot them ANYTHING to just allow teachers and other staff who are LICENSED carriers to bring their guns to school, but they’ll never think of that. They think if these people have guns there will be gun fights in the hallways between staff. But they trust their cops implicitly. The trick is, if staff are carrying, a would-be shooter would NOT KNOW if anybody is armed, or who might be. But a uniformed “resource officer” can be “stalked” and killed BEFORE the main shooting begins. Think about it, people. That’s IF the ”authorities” in schools CAN think. (Eagle Rising)

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