Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kids Suspended for Nine Months!

This, for playing with TOY GUNS—at HOME! Not at school. They’ll never be able to overcome NINE MONTHS absence from school. And they weren’t even on school property and didn’t bring their toy guns to school. Why did the school intervene in what was a HOME problem? I guess it’s because they want to make as much problems for anybody who has anything to do with guns as possible and exercise what "authority" they have. Damn, I HATE the STUPIDITY displayed by such people! They don’t like guns and they want to force others not to, too. Somebody needs to rein these fools in! But with most politicians today being liberals and gun-haters, it’s not going to happen soon. They call this “zero tolerance,” but it is not. It is taking in more territory than you’re allowed. (WAVY)

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