Saturday, October 12, 2013

LaPierre's Declaration of War

Some people think the NRA is an organization “promoting violence.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The NRA simply wants to help us keep our natural tight to self-defense and the right to own and use the means to that defense, a gun. So we can defend OURSELVES and not depend on the police, who can only get there AFTER the crime has happened, and “write it up” and take care of the body or bodies. Yet the “anti-gun FOOLS” continue to make more and more laws that DISARM honest people and leave them defenseless against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. Criminals that often include people wearing badges. The United Nations, that organization made up of dictators and Kings, useless in anything except to help people like Obama disarm his citizens so he can rape them at will without being afraid his thugs will be shot by people defending their lives and property, has presented a “treaty,” which no intelligent president would sign.

This treaty turns over our sovereignty to that rogue organization and allowing them to reach right into the United States and harass its citizens. Obama’s Secretary of State was ordered to sign that treaty, thinking it would allow the “gun haters”  (including Obama) to bypass our Constitution just by its signing. That he did, happily, this stupid man. And that allows this “treaty” to go into operation as soon as signed, unless or until the Congress rejects it. That’s the way it works with treaties. But this treaty, violating the basic concept of our Constitution, cannot do so by law, since NO treaty can be in effect in the United States that is in opposition to our Constitution. But Obama intends to use that treaty as COVER while he further erodes our natural right to self-defense. LaPierre, the perennial “Executive Vice President” of the NRA, makes an excellent case against it, and should be heard. But will the liberal media allow it? Doubtful, since they are peopled in the majority by gun-haters and fools. (The Daily Caller)

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