Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Weenie Judges

One of the reasons gun crime is so prevalent in Chicago is the judges. They just aren't serious when it comes to convictions on gun crimes. It seems that in 30% of cases where the judge decides guilt or innocence and the sentence on a gun crime, the offender gets off easy or the gun charge is just dismissed. This will not work, if they want to ever reduce the instances of gun crime in Chicago. To do so, the penalty for using a gun in a crime must be “draconian.” If the gun charges are reduced, or just eliminated, criminals have no reason NOT to use a gun in committing their crimes. The only other way is to allow law-abiding people to be armed for self defense, but the anti-gun fools will not hear of that. Arming law-abiding citizens will cause the deaths of armed criminals to rise, and studies have proven that dead criminals don't shoot very many more people. And honest, law-abiding people are NOT less responsible in their gun handling than are ILLEGALLY armed criminals, no matter what the anti-gun fools say. (Chicago Tribune)

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