Thursday, August 3, 2017

Keeping People Defenseless

I've come to the conclusion that this is the main objective of the anti-gun fools in governments in the United States. It seems like every time a citizen shoots somebody, even in self defense, the cops TAKE the gun they used, calling it “evidence,” and often do not ever give it back. That occurs even if that person is still in danger and NEEDS something for self defense. Furthermore, any time a citizen uses something, like a metal flashlight, in self defense, they take that away, too. One time, I was in the line at a convenience store and a cop standing behind me saw the metal flashlight in my back pocket. He said, “That could be considered a weapon, you know.” To which I replied, “Yes, and if I ever DO use it as a weapon, we can discuss it then.” He just laughed, but his comment points out an unfortunate fact: If I DID use it as such, they WOULD take it away from me. I have an item that is weighted at both ends I use to hold the pages down while reading and eating, when I have to use both hands to eat. I don't carry it as a weapon, but if a cop ever saw it in my pocket, he would ASSUME I carry it as a weapon and take it away from me, maybe arresting me in the bargain. It has become evident to me that they want to remove ANY means we might have for self defense so we will be DEFENSELESS. Logic confirms that. (Just common sense)

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