Monday, August 7, 2017

Dream On, Gun Grabbers!

The headline is, “Gun Buybacks Will Help to Slow Violent Crime.” Oh, right? When has one EVER? Like all the laws the gun-grabbers make, this doesn't work, either. In THEORY, it should, but in PRACTICE, it doesn't. Bad guys turn in their old, useless guns, and use the money to buy new ones that work, and are less likely to blow up in their hands. “Gun crime” goes right on, unabated. And they go right on, PRETENDING it makes a difference while it does NOT. NJ Attorney General Christopher Perrino admits that they are not a complete solution (ya THINK?) but can do a lot to help law enforcement keep guns off the streets (not a chance!). Criminals just get the money to buy new guns and gun crime continues, while politicians pat themselves on the back and take a “victory lap,” while ignoring the continuing crime numbers. (Guns)

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