Friday, August 4, 2017

Illegal Gun Kills Child

With a little help from the child. Anti-gun fools are making a big thing out of a fatal shooting of a child through the negligence of his mother's boyfriend in storing his gun, according to CBS News. Her boyfriend negligently allowed his gun to be picked up by the child, who subsequently fatally shot himself. They, as usual, whine about the gun not being properly stored, but that's not even the question. The boyfriend was ON PROBATION for a previous crime, and shouldn't have had a gun, in the first place! But he did, meaning he owned the gun illegally, and, since he could not buy a gun legally, BOUGHT the gun illegally. That's TWO CRIMES he committed, just in his ownership of that gun! It's the usual failure of “gun laws” that depend on CRIMINALS, who are lawbreakers by definition, to OBEY their laws, rather than make laws that discourage criminals from owning OR using a gun illegally because of “draconian” punishment for that usage--something a criminal cannot ignore. Depending on lawbreakers to obey their laws is the fatal flaw in current anti-gun laws, but the anti-gun fools who make the laws will not admit it, nor change the direction of their laws. If they ever made such a law, I'd be right with them. But I'm not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn't suit me. (CBS News)

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