Friday, August 11, 2017

If Ya Gotta Say It

Then it's usually not true. Especially if you're an anti-gun fool politician trying to get laws passed to do just that. Many liberal politicians who are KNOWN anti-gun fools insist they are not trying to take away our guns while they are engaged in doing just that. Obama said it many times, but he is KNOWN to be a virulent anti-gun fool. So much so that he sparked a gun-buying surge not seen in many years, by people afraid he was going to take away their guns. The unexpected consequence of his actions was to make him the best gun salesman around—something I'm sure he hated with a passion. Gun sales have lagged somewhat since Trump was elected, but the problem is not resolved. Local lawmakers include many anti-gun fools who are STILL trying very hard to get more anti-gun laws on the books, even though intelligent people have to know NONE of them work. In fact, they do just the opposite of what they SAY they will do, and get many innocent, law-abiding people killed by making them DEFENSELESS against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of the “bad guys.” (Just common sense)

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