Thursday, August 10, 2017

Unintended Conequences

I think this is a definitely unintended consequence of Obama's stance on guns. His presidency, and all its attempts at new and tighter gun laws has been very good for the gun industry and for gun owners—and would-be gun owners, period. The more he railed against gun ownership for law-abiding people, the more they bought guns. Why? Because they feared being HELPLESS against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns, already out there in the hands of people who wish is ill. He, and the rest of the anti-gun fools discount that. They look upon suggestions that we arm the law-abiding with horror, as if they would “go wild” and create what they call a “wild west atmosphere,” where people get their guns out and shoot each other over a fender bender or something else minor. They don't think the bad guys would do that, even though they do, every day. Which is why gun deaths in Chicago and other liberal strongholds are so numerous. Chicago already HAS all their favorite “gun laws,” yet they also have one of the highest gun death numbers. But they're too damned stupid to realize this. (Washington Post)

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