Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"Run, Hide, DIE!"

In some places, they recommend you “run, hide, tell” in case a mass killer comes and starts shooting up the place where you are. This usually doesn't work out very well for most people, since these things happen very quickly, usually before the cops *(with their guns) can even get there. And if the shooter finds where you're hiding, he'll kill you. In other places they replace “hide” with “fight.” To what end, I don't know, because against a man with a gun, an unarmed person usually has no chance. Unless he can find something heavy enough and is a good aim—and he'd better be a good aim because if he misses, he's dead. As usual, the anti-gun fools ignore the most obvious and most effective way to oppose a mass shooter: be armed, trained, and able to hit your target. The very idea of the average, law-abiding person being armed makes them wet their panties. They think they will “go wild” and cause a “wild west atmosphere.” They discount the existence of the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of the bad guys. They just want to take your guns away. (Daily Caller)

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