Friday, August 11, 2017

Emulating the Russians

The Soviet Union was well known to use “mental illness” as an excuse to imprison people whose views and actions they didn't like. Now New York State is doing the same, to “confiscate” (steal) the guns of people they SAY (without any kind of proof) are “mentally unbalanced. It happened to retired 70-year-old Viet Nam veteran Don Hall when deputies showed up with an order to take his guns due to mental illness. He told them there must be a mistake, that he had never had any trouble with mental issues. The deputies fell back on that old excuse, “We're just doing our jobs.” as they took all his guns. Turns out it WAS a mistake, that it was another Don Hall who had mental issues, but he had the “burden of proof,” and had to go to court, with all the attendant costs and waste of time, to prove it. Nobody is sure which New York law is responsible. They have such a mish-mash of anti-gun laws there, it's hard to tell. Liberal New York is usually the first place such laws appear, so you can probably expect to hear more about such actions across the country. (Keep and Bear)

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