Thursday, August 3, 2017

Licensed or Unlicensed

The anti-gun fools make a big thing out of whether gun laws reduce gun crime. They do NOT. They cause it to INCREASE, by disarming honest, law-abiding people, leaving them at the mercy of ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. They try and convince the world that when gun laws are loosened, gun crime rises. It does NOT. In Missouri, they loosened the gun crime laws and crime rose 20%. this, the anti-gun fools blamed on those now loosened gun laws, forgetting entirely, other factors, such as increased gang membership, fueled by “Black Lives Matter” rhetoric. It is NOT the licensed gun owners that account for the increase, it is the increased numbers of street gang members, with their ILLEGAL guns that are responsible. The simple fact is, honest, law-abiding people with guns are NOT the ones causing the crime figures to rise. It is the CRIMINALS, who never register their ILLEGAL guns, nor get training in their use. Those are facts the anti-gun fools IGNORE. It is simply true that the gun crime increases come from the ILLEGALL;Y-owned guns, NOT the legally-owned ones. (Just common sense)

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