Thursday, September 8, 2016

Too Many Guns?

The anti-gun fools are constantly reminding us that there are “too many guns out there.” which is something we can agree on. What isn't mentioned is that too many of them are gotten ILLEGALLY, and thus there can be no “record” of their purchase and ownership. Obama recently mandated that EVERY gun confiscated be “traced” back to it's original owner. WITHOUT budgeting any money to carry our his order, which makes a hard job even harder. It's an impossible quest. In just one day at the trace center, there are 5,000 cases demanding a trace. And the next day, they'll get 1,000 more. It's a CRUSHING load of work, and does little to reduce gun crime. And tracing most guns confiscated at crime scenes will NOT give any information on LEGAL gun owners, who aren't the problem, anyway. Obama just wants to make it LOOK like he's “doing something” to stem gun violence, when he's NOT. But that's how he operates. He does things to make it LOOK like he's accomplishing things, when he is NOT. (Smallest Minority)

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