Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Missed It By THAT Much!"

MISSED IT BY THAT MUCH!” One of the factors in watching the actions of anti-gun fools is to catch them in as many lies as possible. Sometimes the lies are so outrageous as to be funny. That's how it happened when Kentucky anti-gun fools released a “list of accidental gun deaths” recently. It contained 130 instances. But after they were “caught out,” they had to recalculate, and the number came to only 5. that's a pretty big “accidental” mistake, isn't it? This is how they twist facts to support their false narrative. That's why you can't believe ANYTHING they put out. If they do tell the truth, it's an accident. How do you make a mistake as big as that? It's easy. You LIE. (Say Uncle)

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