Thursday, September 29, 2016

Complete Surrender to Thugs

That's what Los Angeles wants it's cops to do in the face of an armed suspect: “just run.” this is not the way to protect the citizens. Especially if this policy is announced. An armed thug will then know that all he has to do to dispense with a police presence is to show a gun. He will have WON. A commission on police activity says the cops should have “run away” last year when confronted with an “out of control” woman with a 9 inch knife, swinging it and shouting, “shoot me.” Turning to run would have presented her with a large target”: the cop's BACK. It's a real shame when four civilian commission members with NO POLICE EXPERIENCE can “second-guess” cops on the scene who have only SECONDS to make a life or death decision. Such people are going to get a lot of cops killed because they're engendering hesitation on their part. That hesitation can cause their death in a world where criminal thugs go on “hunting expeditions” to kill cops. (Daily Caller)

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