Friday, September 30, 2016

It's Always Legal Guns

Anti-gun fools always rail against guns. But the ones they talk about are the guns in the hands of honest, law-abiding people, who are NOT the problem in “gun violence.” It is the holders of ILLEGAL guns who ARE, which none of their laws will do anything about. Criminals and other “bad guys” don't register their guns. They just kill people with them. They talk about the “wild West atmosphere” that will be created if we allow more honest people to carry guns. But what they ignore is that there are ALREADY millions of UNREGISTERED guns “on the streets,” in use by “bad guys” of all kinds. Mostly by young gang members, who don't care who they kill, on purpose or by accident. Who are mostly too young to have guns, but do, in spite of ALL their laws. They don't even TRY to find ways to reduce such ownership. They “go after” LEGAL guns and gun owners, since they're “low-hanging fruit” and easy to oppress. And, like in Memphis, they wonder why “gun violence” is so widespread. (Mississippi Gun News)

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