Saturday, September 10, 2016

Gun Laws Don't Work

So make more of them. Lists of legal gun owners don't do a thing to “stem gun violence.” But they go right on making them, anyway. Thus proving that their purpose is NOT to “stem gun violence,” but to disarm the populace so their agents won't be taking as much of a chance of being shot when they come to burglarize us. Black males think cops shoot black males with glee, even HUNTING them like deer. So they favor “street justice” over asking the cops for help. Which makes black males “fair game” to be killed by cops, just doing their duty. Black males are only 6% of the population, but they represent 50% of the victims of shootings, most of which are accomplished by other black males, not the cops. The idea that cops “hunt black males for sport” is a MYTH made up by such as the “Black Lives Matter” fools. (Gun Free Zone)

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