Thursday, September 29, 2016

CNN Ignorant On Guns!

They say that, since N. Carolina is an “open carry state,” Kieth Lamont Scott was within his rights to be carrying a gun. That shows complete ignorance on how laws work. Scott was a “violent felon,” and thus was BARRED the ownership and use of a gun—period. When the cops saw him holding a gun in his car, he became a “prime target” for arrest. What happened then is in question, but that lie alone, makes all other statements about the case suspect. His wife says he “never owned a gun.” But that's a LIE. She has, in the past, taken out a restraining order on him because he “threatened her with a gun.” This shows sure knowledge of her LIE to police. He actually spent 7 years in PRISON on a gun charge. How she expected to support that lie is a mystery. This is how people “whip up” controversy whenever the cops have to shoot a suspect. As in Ferguson, MO, the entire contretemps was CAUSED by the LIE that Brown had his hands up, saying, “don't shoot.” In Baltimore, the lie that was disproved was that the cop driving the police “wagon” gave the suspect a “wild ride,” thus killing him. That was disproved by video evidence, and all six cops charged by an overzealous cop-hating prosecutor were exonerated in court. (The Federalist)

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