Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Chicago: Showcase City

The anti-gun fools point to Chicago as their “showcase city” for tough gun laws. What they fail to mention is that none of them work worth a damn..65 people were shot over the Labor Day weekend alone, 13 of them fatally. It was the most violent weekend in Chicago history And that's after last month, which was one of the most violent in it's history, too. They CLAIM that their laws “reduce gun violence,” but they don't. They attribute the violence to cops shooting blacks, but it's actually blacks shooting other blacks. Yes, some WERE shot by cops. But only while they were trying to kill the cops. Chicago IS a “showcase city, but not for gun laws that WORK. For gun laws that DON'T work, and incompetent government, that can be traced right back to liberal Democrat “rule.” There are Democrat-run cities all over the country, and every one of them are in trouble, through the INCOMPETENCE of their Democrat leaders. (Guns)

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