Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Making Guns Useless

Most anti-gun laws “skate around” the fact that laws BANNING guns cannot be made, by no less than constitutional order. They can't BAN guns, so they make laws to make them USELESS while such laws do NOTHING to stop criminals and other “bad guys” from coming in your homes with their unencumbered (illegal) guns to kill you. They use flimsy excuses to get people all excited about making it hard for children and other ignorant people to kill themselves and others without telling them the NRA TRAINS people in the proper handling of guns. Of course, that only happens when people KNOW NOTHING about guns, a situation they work HARD to maintain. They HATE the NRA, which is the biggest outfit that TRAINS children and adults in the proper handling of guns, so they'll no longer be “a mystery' and an object of curiosity. They work HARD to stop the NRA from doing that, because less ignorant people would NOT kill each other and others by accident, making their figures false—and they can't have that, can they? (Philadelphia Inquirer)

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