Saturday, September 24, 2016

"B-B-But, This Never Happens!"

It doesn't, huh? That's what the anti-gun fools always say, completely ignoring the thousands of times it DOES happen every year, to support their false narrative. Maybe if they asked these 3 “bad guys” they might find out it really does. Oh. I forgot. One of them is dead, and the other two are still hunting the “high timber.” as far away from this woman as possible. If they ever find them where they're hiding, maybe they can ask them. This should happen more often. It might convince some of these fools that think they can just TAKE what they want, brandishing their ILLEGAL guns, that theirs is a very dangerous profession and maybe they ought to find a new one. The article doesn't say if any charges will be taken against this gutsy woman, but if there are, it will be a travesty. She has a right to defend herself against three ARMED criminals entering her home. (The Blaze)

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