Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More Black Males Die

Data from the Centers for Disease Control (not the most reliable source) indicates that of all the black males between the ages of 15 and 24 who died in 2014, a MAJORITY were killed by a gun. What the “study” didn't say is that most of those young black males were gang members, and were killed by other black male gang members, using ILLEGAL guns, while they were holding illegal guns. Something all their “gun laws” would have NO control over. This is how they force their false narrative on us. By leaving out the most important things. This proves NOTHING except for the fact that young white men are smarter than young black men, and usually don't join gangs. Of course, they'll call me a racist (again) for pointing out this truth. In Chicago, the chance of a young black man getting shot in the worst neighborhoods (which are predominantly black) is nine times greater than in the safest neighborhood (which is usually predominantly white). Chicago is run by Democrats and has some of the tightest gun-control laws in the nation, coupled with the highest gun death rate. Does that tell you anything? (The Trace)

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