Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The Second Amendment PROHIBITS any “infringement” on the right of ALL American citizens (who are not convicted felons or insane) to own and use a gun for self defense. But liberals have been able to obfuscate it to the point where they can pass laws and make “regulations” that allow them to infringe on that right on a regular basis. Isn't a law allowing people to carry a gun, but the gun must be UNLOADED and infringement? How about one that requires a gun to be stored in a locked safe that guarantees you can't get it in operation soon enough to effectively oppose the gun in the hand of an attacker in your home? Or laws requiring guns and ammunition in a car be stored separately, as far away from each other as possible? And “no-gun zones” where you're not allowed to even BRING your guns—but which do NOTHING to stop CRIMINALS from bringing theirs? Every law they pass seems to be to INFRINGE on our constitutional right, and they get away with it. Somebody needs to bring that up in the Supreme Court, if we can ever get a Supreme Court that is “even handed, that is. (Just common sense)

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