Saturday, March 1, 2014

Yet Another School Shooting

Every school in the land is a “gun-free zone.” Which means it’s illegal to bring a gun into the school, at any time, unless you are a policeman. But crazies who shoot up schools don’t care about the law. They don’t obey laws that say they can’t take a gun into that school. I predict that the “anti-gun Nazis” will demand even more restrictive anti-gun laws as a result of the shooting on February 23, 2010 at the Jefferson County, Colorado middle school in Colorado, even though such laws NEVER do anything to stop such people from shooting up a school and, in fact, make such shootings even more possible and likely by assuring the shooter there will be nobody there armed and willing to stop them. There has never been a shooing at a gun show because a potential shooter KNOWS there are guns and people willing to use them in self defense there. A uniformed, armed policeman won’t work because they KNOW he is armed and can take him out first, before anybody is ready.

I’m not suggesting they let the students be armed. I AM suggesting that teachers and staff who have a concealed carry permit be allowed to carry their guns into the school specifically so a potential shooter cannot be sure there will be no one there to stop their rampages. And I suggest those teachers and staff be ENCOURAGED to get a gun and a carry permit so there WILL be someone there who can protect these defenseless students. The same holds true elsewhere. ANYBODY who can qualify for a carry permit should be allowed to carry his gun into what is now a no-gun zone. That way, illegally armed criminals cannot ever be SURE they can shoot people at will with nobody able to defend themselves. Anti-gun laws just do NOT work, so why do we continue to make more and more, every time somebody shoots someone with an illegal gun? (Fox News)

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