Sunday, March 9, 2014

Not So Smart Cop

Remember the war hero who told the Conn. Legislature he “would not comply” with their insane, unconstitutional gun laws? Apparently one cop took offense to that, and told him, “I can’t wait to get the order to kick in your door.” That tells me that cop isn’t too bright. He knows the law he’s talking about is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and thus is NO LAW AT ALL and nobody is required to obey it, based on the Supreme Court, itself (Marbry v. Madison). Kicking in this guy’s door might be the last thing he ever does when a polite knock on that door might leave him alive. And that’s the whole point of the Second Amendment; defense from corrupt “authorities” who are enforcing non-existent, illegal laws. One legislator, David Yaccarino, displayed significant IGORANCE about the Constitution when he told Cinque that the “Second Amendment was written so the colonists could attack the British” when the Second Amendment was not even written UNTIL after THE American Revolution was OVER. (Freedom Outpost)

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