Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crazy With A Gun

Again, my contention that ONE MAN with a gun and the will to use it (in the crowd) can “make the difference” in how many people get killed when an illegally armed crazy starts shooting up a place. In San Antonio, Texas, a man entered a theater and shot one man. Off duty sheriff’s deputy Lisa Castellano saw him with his gun in his hand after hearing shots and shot him. Yes, it was a sheriff’s deputy. But the same applies if it were not. ONE GUN in the hands of a “good guy” cancels out all the BAD things about a “bad guy with an illegal (or legal) gun. But those stupid politicians will never admit it. They will keep making laws to GUARANTEE there won’t be a gun there in the hands of a person who can stop the mayhem. (The Blaze)

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