Friday, March 21, 2014

"The People Approve Gun Control"

That’s what Ovomit says, completely ignoring the fact that a MAJORITY of states have made laws that are lot looser than he wants and he can't seem to get most of his anti-gun laws passed by Congress. In California, the state with some of the tightest “gun control” laws anywhere, as the result of a recent law, is SWAMPED with applications for concealed carry permits. The Sheriff in Orange Country has so many applications people are being told it may be YEARS before their applications can be processed. If so many people approve of gun control, why are so many of them applying for carry permits, just in California? Many sheriffs are waiting for the inevitable appeal, but Orange County is trying to process the ones they receive as quickly as possible. But YEARS waiting tells me their SYSTEM is way too cumbersome and inefficient. (Bearing Arms)

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