Monday, March 17, 2014

Somebody "Got To" the Judge

Remember the judge that granted an injunction against the ATF raiding Ares Armor to get their customer list and $300,000.00 worth of inventory? Somebody got to her/him. I don’t know if they paid the judge off or just intimidated him/her, but get to the judge they did. So now the raid and stealing their customer list and all that inventory (which would BREAK me) is “legal.” But that is a worse situation than ATF just “barging in” in spite of the injunction. It shows that all it takes is one judge’s decision to make the illegal legal. And you can bet Obama has taken notice of that. In fact, I think he ENGINEERED it. The tantrum he staged when he heard about the ATF being stopped by an injunction must have been legendary. He can’t get his wishes done in Congress, so he gets it done illegally (made legal by a judge). (Bearing Arms)

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