Saturday, March 22, 2014

About Gun Control

What the hell’s so important for the government to know who has the guns, how many they have, and what kind? Pro-gun people say it’s because the government wants to one day confiscate all our guns. Anti-gun fools say that’s just paranoia. But is it? It’s not paranoia when  people really DO want to hurt you. How do you tell the difference? When they HURT you, and then it’s too late. You have to be paranoid enough to do things to be ready when somebody comes to hurt you. “Plan for the worst and you'll be ready.” You have to FIGHT every effort to make you vulnerable. The thing is, it’s NOT “just paranoia.” History shows it to be a LOGICAL fear. Gun banners say “It can’t happen here.” Buy it already HAS “happened here.” During Hurricane Katrina, cops used the lists of gun owners THEY had to go to people’s homes and CONFISCATE their guns. They make gun laws that are so vague that ANY kind of a gun can be DEFINED as an “assault weapon,” (which seems to be their “target weapon”), so all they have to do is get a law passed to confiscate “assault weapons,” then DEFINE every gun as an “assault weapon,” then go out and steal them. Personally, I think the whole “gun-safety law” thing is a scam to give the cops “probable cause” to come into our homes without warrants and search. They already know who have the guns; they had to tell them when they were bought (except for the illegal guns criminals buy out of the trunks of other criminals’ cars). What do they NEED “registration” for? What’s the big deal over gun registration? Crooks don't register guns, anyway. It’s just a scam. (Santa Clarita Valley Signal)

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