Thursday, March 20, 2014

"No Guns Allowed!"

That’s a sign posted on the door of one pub in South Carolina (do they even SAY “pub” in SC?) It goes on to say, “If you’re such a loser that you need to carry a gun with you wherever you go out, I don’t want your business, douchebag.” Okay; you won’t get my business. Any time. Nor will you get the business of any other gun owner. We’ll take it elsewhere, where they are INTELLIGENT. The owner is already “backpedaling” after the backlash he has gotten. He apparently now realizes he has angered MOST of his customers, now and forever. I would not go there, EVER, even if he completely reverses himself. He’s  a FOOL and I wouldn’t do business with such a fool, any time, anywhere. Sorry about that. (The Blaze)

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