Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Laws for Thee But Not for Me"

"Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others ("Animal Farm")." California makes many laws to limit gun ownership for its citizens; but those laws do not apply to cops and politicians. One of the most notorious (armed) anti-gun senators, FORMER San Francisco mayor Diane Feinstein, who is best known for waving an automatic weapon around in a crowded meeting with her finger on the trigger, doesn’t want ANY of her constituents to have the right to the means of self-defense, although she reserves that right for herself. Stories are rife about well-known anti-gun fools who have used their own guns in self-defense. Some are politicians (those who carry their own guns rather than hire security guards to carry their guns for them), and others are pundits who preach “gun control” for the masses, but not for themselves. They’re “special.” (Ammo Land)

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