Thursday, May 25, 2017

Total Ignorance On Guns

The Minnesota Legislature is considering legislation that would eliminate all licensing requirements for people to be allowed to carry guns for self defense. Many anti-gun fool legislators say “allowing people to freely carry guns is unwise.” How do they think they're going to STOP criminals from carrying guns? They can make all the laws they want to stop the law-abiding from carrying guns to defend themselves against those CRIMINALS who ignore “gun laws,” and they're not going to be able to eliminate guns from the picture. If this country announced to the world that it was getting rid of ALL means of self defense, what fo you think would happen? Other countries, who wish to 'take us over,” would then move in and do so. The same is true on a local level. If ALL law-abiding people were barred from having guns, the CRIMINALS (who ignore laws) would “take over” and nobody could stop them. I think that's the real purpose of the anti-gun fools: to make it easier for the criminals to take over. They CAN'T be stupid enough to really believe the swill that the way to defend ourselves is to disarm ourselves, leaving us DEFENSELESS against the onslaught of CRIMINALS who wish us ill and want to TAKE what we own. Their professing their wish to "stop gun violence" is ignorance personified, if they think disarming us is the way to that, leaving us with the former. (Duluth News Tribune)

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