Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How Gun-Haters Think

One woman who survived a rape attempt and later became an effective activist against disarming people like herself got a message recently from an anti-gun fool. It reads in part, “Shania: yiou (sic) shouldn't have a gun because you are a danger to yourself and others.” What kind of STUPID reasoning he uses to get to that assumption, I don't know. He goes on to say that if he dated her and she grew tired of him she would just pull out her gun and shoot him. If she were stupid enough to date this fool, she should probably shoot herself. Again, what he writes shows his abysmal IGNORANCE. Then he goes on into a silly tirade, using language I wouldn't use with many misspellings and typos (I separate the two because many of the misspellings are due to lack of intelligence, rather than being “ham-handed” at the keyboard. This is the kind of “intelligence” (or lack thereof) we would expect to find among anti-gun fools, and the only thing he does well is display his abysmal stupidity. (Gun Free Zone)

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