Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Making Guns Useless

That seems to be the goal in every anti-gun fool law made. A new law in New York is no different, in that it make guns harder to aim by forcing a harder trigger pull supposedly to keep children from being able to pull the trigger hard enough to fire it. What it, in fact, does is make it impossible for ANYBODY to hit the broad side of a barn with it, and that gets them killed. This bill is the brainchild of Dumocrat (of course) Jose Serrano and supported exclusively by other Dumocrats. They actually think this law will SAVE lives. But, like all the rest of their stupid laws, it will only get innocent people killed, as criminals bring their ILLEGAL guns, most of which were made outside of New York, to take advantage of New Yorkers who are saddled with these unreasonable requirements in the manufacture of their guns. It gives the criminals a significant advantage, and that means innocent lives. Ten pound trigger pulls will also be required on the guns the cops use, which will also limit the accuracy of THEIR guns, getting more of them killed. (Oath Keepers)

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