Friday, May 19, 2017

Carrying It Too Far

The anti-gun fools commonly carry their fiction too far, as in suspending children from school for chewing pop tarts into a rough shape of a gun or bringing a TOY gun to school. Playing “cops and robbers” using their FINGERS as a gun, or drawing a PICTURE of a gun. Now I've heard it all. A magazine nobody has ever heard of, called, Popsugar Magazine is now telling parents they need to stop their kids from playing with WATER guns, because that “normalizes,” in their minds, real guns. Talk about “going off the deep end!” The writer of the article, whose mother allowed NO guns in her house, says, “Guns are not innocent, even if they are made of plastic and only shoot water.” How STUPID is that? She sees only the bad things about guns, ignoring the guns' ability to keep people alive. Which is common with anti-gun fools. Does she think even COPS shouldn't have guns, because they're “evil?” Of course, she has no problem with “water squirters” if they don't LOOK like a gun. Stupid! Even if they don't LOOK like a gun, the kids are pretending they ARE, whether or not they LOOK like a gun, and are shooting each other with them. (Breitbart)

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