Friday, May 26, 2017

Gun Control Is Illogical

They call their silly laws “common sense gun control,” but they are neither. They are not common sense, nor are they gun control. Their basic premise is illogical, that the way to self defense is to disarm yourself in the face of the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and now Islamic terrorists. You tell them that, but they don't hear you. It's like throwing a rock at a boulder. It just bounces off their heads without discernible effect. Gun-free zones are their worst invention.

They take away from honest, law-abiding people the right to be armed in self defense, while the “bad guys” just ignore them and bring their guns, anyway. When they're intent on serious crimes like murder and robbery, they're not concerned with a piddling law (or “policy”) that says they can't bring a gun into a certain area. In fact, they SEEK OUT such areas, because they know law-abiding people will docilely leave their own guns elsewhere, so they won't have to face the guns in the hands of the citizens and can do their dirty work without opposition.

The gun free zone is bad because it forces people to leave their guns elsewhere, while the “bad guys” ignore them. That gets people killed, but the anti-gun fools don't care. They fool themselves into thinking that they're “doing something good, by getting rid of guns in a certain area.” But they don't. They only tell the criminals where they can more easily victimize law-abiding people. And they take full advantage of it. Known mass shooters themselves will tell you they SELECT gun-free zones like schools in which to do their dirty work because they can be pretty sure they will not be facing a gun in the hands of one of their intended victims, (Just common sense)

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