Monday, May 22, 2017

Another Gun Buyback

In Los Angeles there are 70 guns now “out of the picture” for criminal use. Hooray! Now the criminals there will have only a few million ILLEGAL guns to use in victimizing honest citizens while they use the money they gained in that buyback to buy new guns that work. The fools who sponsor those buybacks don't realize that money is fungible. Which means the money they get for old, mostly non-usable guns they “turn in” can be used to buy the NEW guns they need to be able to keep intimidating honest citizens. And the lawlessness goes right on, unabated. Then the cops do another gun buyback, and do it all over again. They just can't understand that their aim at the GUNS is a faulty aim, and they should be aiming at the USE of the guns. They'll never learn. (Breitbart)

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